Melanie Levenberg
$35.00 / year

Dances for Physical Literacy

A dynamic online resources that provides access to 10 dances that develop physical literacy. New content updated each month.

Roxane Letterlough

Aboriginal DANCEPL3Y Resource

Dances and lesson ideas designed to develop physical literacy as students discover music and movements from Aboriginal communities across Canada

Melanie Levenberg

DANCEPL3Y Kids for School Teachers [ONLINE Course] - Fall 2018

DANCEPL3Y Kids Online Instructor Training Course, designed specifically for School Teachers who want to get students active with dance during the school day, within their role as an educator. Modules 1-4

Melanie Levenberg

DANCEPL3Y Preschool Course [Online]

Brandi Heather


Susan Shearer

Edmonton, AB: October 27-28, 2018 DANCEPL3Y Kids Course