DANCEPL3Y Unit: Grades 1-2

DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Resource Grades 1-2

*Online Resource* | taught by Melanie Levenberg

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(ONLINE RESOURCE for School Teachers)

In DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Lessons, your Grade 1-2 students will discover the Elements of Dance body and space, practice fundamental movement skills, increase their confidence and participate in physical activity through a fun and energetic dance experience!

In Lesson 1, your class will participate in a Playful Dance Experience, where they will get to learn new dance moves, refine their movements and have fun with dance!

Lesson 2 focuses on Dance Appreciation. Students will participate in a circuit that encourages them to create their own dance moves.

In Lesson 3, your students will Develop Connections and practice Creative Exploration through dance. Students will generate movements as they respond to different songs with varying rhythms and beats.

Lesson 4 is all about Skill Refinement. Students will create a short movement sequence and will practice the execution of the Fundamental Movement Skills within the sequence as they prepare to perform the dance with the class.

In Lesson 5 students will have an opportunity to showcase their learning by integrating their creative moves into a large Dance Performance!

Lesson 6 is all about celebrating their (and your) achievements! You will finish off the unit by leading your students in a Dance Party.

This resource includes the following material to help you lead your Grade 1s and Grade 2s in an upbeat and engaging dance unit:

  • A 6-Lessons Dance Unit 
  • Printable Material for Dance Activities
  • Choreography Notes
  • Dance Tutorial Videos
  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher Tools
  • Inquiry-Based Learning Prompts
  • Assessment Rubrics*

*General assessment tools are provided as a reference. Educators should modify the assessment tools to reflect the specific curriculum expectations and standards in their area.

This resource is also part of the DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Bundle for Grades 1-8. Click here to view the full bundle details.

Melanie Levenberg
Melanie Levenberg

Melanie Levenberg is an author, international speaker, TEDx presenter and holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.  As the Chief PLAY Officer at PL3Y Inc. she specializes in building local leaders who are passionate about physical literacy and inspiring kids to be healthier, happier humans. 

Melanie is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker and workshop leader who travels the world to help teachers infuse more positivity and playfulness in their pedagogy. She has worked with corporate, private and not-for-profit organizations to design and deliver innovative physical literacy programs, workshops, retreats and trainings.

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