DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Bundle

DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Bundle

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Get your students ACTIVE with these pre-designed dance units. 

Each resource offers unique content by theme to progress learners through an interACTIVE dance experience from Grade 1 to Grade 8:

Grades 1-2 "Exploring Body and Space"
Grades 3-4 "Playing With FMS, Time and Energy"
Grades 5-6 "Dancing With Props"
Grades 7-8 "World Dances and Music"

Within each unit plan resource, you'll find

  • A 6-Lessons Dance Unit 
  • Printable Material for Dance Activities
  • Choreography Notes
  • Dance Tutorial Videos
  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher Tools
  • Inquiry-Based Learning Prompts
  • Assessment Rubrics

DANCEPL3Y Dance Unit Bundle includes these courses

DANCEPL3Y Unit: Grades 1-2
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DANCEPL3Y Unit: Grades 3-4
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DANCEPL3Y Unit: Grades 5-6
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DANCEPL3Y Unit: Grades 7-8
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