All registrations must be completed online at Should an individual choose to register via email registration must be sent to and payment arrangements prior to the event.


By processing any payment with DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc., registrants understand and acknowledge that they will be participating in physical activity. It is the registrants’ responsibility to inform the PL3Y Program Master Trainer of any injuries or conditions that would prevent them from safely participating in moderate physical activity.


By participating in the training course, registrants understand and acknowledge that they must maintain an active membership status to the “Engineers of Awesome” PL3Y Instructor Program in order to teach PL3Y program choreography and/or use the trademarked PL3Y Program brand. All instructors receive a trial registration to the program for 90 days following their training course date. Membership Subscription Fees are processed independently of training service fees.


Instructor acknowledges that the manual, music, notes, apparel, video and any additional training materials supplied by DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc are proprietary in nature. Instructor agrees to neither copy, reproduce nor disclose to any third party any of the material contained therein, except that Instructor may while a member of “Engineers of Awesome” PL3Y Instructor Program use the music and exercise content when teaching a PL3Y Program. All the PL3Y Program videos and trainer contents are copyrighted and watermarked with specific user information which can be tracked for protection. Removal of these watermarks or alterations to the contents of any kind is prohibited by law. Any use of these contents, other than those specified above, are subject to penalties and sanctions detailed in provincial and federal copyright infringement laws. Instructor agrees not to use the PL3Y™ choreography when teaching any other class or workout, other than the PL3Y™ Program for which it was created to be used.


To register for a PL3Y Program Training Course, participants are required to pay in full at time of registration, or process a minimum $150 deposit towards a payment plan. Registrations will not be processed without a minimum $150 deposit towards the instructor training course.


By processing any payment with DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc., registrants understand and acknowledge that they will be receiving training services during their 2-day in-person course. It is up to the discretion of the instructor to continue the certification process within 6 months following the course. To encourage instructor to complete their certification, video assessment fees and “Engineers of Awesome” PL3Y Instructor Program Membership Fees are waived for 90 days following the training course. DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc. does not issue refunds under any circumstance for instructors who fail to complete the certification process within the allocated time.


All registrations are subject to a $150 deposit hold in case of Cancellation/No-Show (see below).

Participants who register prior to the Early Bird Deadline date will pay the early registration fee. All payments for Early Bird Rate must be received by DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc (online or by e-transfer) on or prior to the Early Bird Deadline in order for participant to receive the discounted rate.

Participants who register after the advertised Early Bird Deadline date will pay the regular registration fee for the event. DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc. will accept full-payment on-site registration however we cannot guarantee availability of space without previous payment and notification. If the event is sold out, on-site registrations will not be accepted.


If a participant cancels their registration up to 7 days prior to the event, a refund will be provided, minus a $75 non-refundable administrative fee. If the participant cancels their registration within 7 days of the event start date a refund will be provided, minus a $150 non-refundable deposit.


Registrants who do not attend the event (“no-shows”) will not be reimbursed. In exceptional circumstances (e.g., serious illness, death in the family), DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc. may offer the participant a refund, minus a $75 non-refundable administrative fee.


Participants can choose to defer their registration to a course up to 14 days prior to the course without penalty. If the participant defers their registration within 14 days of the course start date, a $75 non-refundable administrative fee will apply.

Please Note: DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc reserves the right to cancel any event within 14 days of the start date. In such case, a 100% refund of the registration fees will be provided. DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y Inc. shall not be held responsible for any additional incurred costs associated with changing travel plans, deposits or other arrangements made by the participant.


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