Dances for Physical Literacy

taught by Melanie Levenberg


Our team gathers requests from students and teachers of their favourite music, then our team of choreographers develops playful dances that develop Fundamental Movement Skills, interpersonal skills and positive mindsets.

Use the Dances for Physical Literacy Resource to engage your students with dance by:

  • Inviting student leaders to learn the moves and lead their peers or younger students in the dances.
  • Playing the videos as part of your Daily Physical Activity.
  • Downloading the choreography notes and coaching your students as part of your Physical Education or Dance program.

Note: this is a dynamic online resource that provides access to 10 dances at any given time. The content is updated at least once a month to showcase new songs.

Current Dance List
1. Bounce Generation by TJR & Vinai (Basketball)
2. Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations
3. Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
4. Cheap Thrills by Sia
5. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
6. Jumpstart by These Kids Wear Crowns
7. Happy by Pharrell Williams
8. Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar
9. Peanut Butter Jelly Time by Chip-Man & The Buckwheat Boyz
10. What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber

New Dances Coming Up
Dec: Holiday Themed Dance
Jan: Olympics Themed Dance

Melanie Levenberg
Melanie Levenberg
Master Trainer

Mélanie Levenberg (Guertin) puts her passion into action through her work as Chief PLAY Officer for PL3Y Inc. As the Program Director for DANCEPL3Y, she applies best practices in positive thinking, personal development, fitness, health and physical education to inspire kids, teens and adults to claim their Bubble of Awesome and live the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself.

A certified trainer and instructor, Mélanie holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, a teaching degree in Health and Physical Education and an honors degree in Kinesiology. She has worked with organizations across the world to inspire leaders to foster more playfulness in their lives through innovative and fun physical activity programs, workshops, retreats and trainings.


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