• Melanie Levenberg $497.00

    DANCEPL3Y Kids Instructor Training [On-Demand]

    The DANCEPL3Y Kids Online Instructor Training Course is designed for fitness instructors and recreation leaders who want to learn how to lead high-energy dance classes in their community or virtually through livestream classes.

  • Melanie Levenberg $19.00

    DANCEPL3Y Skills for School Teachers

    Mini ProD: School Teachers, learn the basic skills to lead simple dances with your students, using our DANCEPL3Y methodology and coaching techniques.

  • Melanie Levenberg $19.00

    Engaging Students through District Wide Dance Projects

    Mini ProD: Learn how to organize, plan and coordinate a district-wide dance project. Discover tips and access tools to help you engage students across all grades and all schools in a large-scale dance project designed to unite + get students moving

  • Melanie Levenberg $19.00

    Teaching and Assessing Dance in P.E.

    Mini ProD: Learn how to assess students during a dance unit in Physical Education and get access to tools and rubrics for dance in PE. (This workshop is based on the Teaching Dance for Understanding model)

  • Melanie Levenberg $19.00

    Teaching Dance for Understanding

    Mini ProD: Learn about Teaching Dance for Understanding and how you can use this simple 6-phase approach to bring purpose and playfulness to your dance units in P.E.

  • Melanie Levenberg $19.00

    Developing Physical Literacy Through Dance

    Mini ProD: Learn how to design and deliver dances with a focus on physical literacy. Perfect for your Physical Education curriculum program!