DANCEPL3Y Kids for School Teachers [ONLINE Course] - Summer 2018

DANCEPL3Y KIDS for School Teachers [ONLINE Course] - Summer 2018

Develop Physical Literacy and Get Students Active with Dance | taught by Melanie Levenberg


The DANCEPL3Y Kids Online Instructor Training Course for School Teachers is designed for educators who want to learn how to integrate high-energy dances into their Physical Education, Arts (Dance) curriculum, or in general as part of their school wellness initiatives.

This specific Summer Cohort offers you additional coaching and accountability check-ins so that you can complete the training before the next school year begins.

Summer Cohort for School Teachers: Bonus Offerings!

     -Online, self-paced learning modules
     -Program Manual
     -Choreography Notes and Tutorial Videos
     PLUS *weekly* 'live' group calls (optional participation)
     AND 1:1 coaching with your Master Trainer: Melanie Levenberg

Your accelerated online summer cohort learning experience will be hosted by Physical Education teacher and DANCEPL3Y Program Creator, Melanie Levenberg. She will host weekly calls from July 1st to August 15th, to help pace you through the course.

During your online training, you'll learn how to create a motivating and safe space where students from K to Grade 6 can get playful and have fun as they develop physical literacy through dance. 

You'll develop instructing skills and learn effective strategies on how to teach dance and in a simple way, using a combination of traditional formations and our interACTIVE teaching approach. 

You'll also learn how to plan and deliver an effective and energizing dance class that develops physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, while fostering a playful and positive class environment.

(Estimated time for course completion: 16hrs)


  • Developing Physical Literacy and Promoting Playfulness through Dance
  • Becoming a DANCEPL3Y Instructor: Choreography, Culture, Coaching, Structure and Certification
  • Understanding Purposeful Playlist Planning, Coaching and Cueing.
  • Next-Level Instructing Skills: Teaching Using an Interactive Approach while Fostering a Positive Class Culture


Part 1: Modules 1-4*
Part 2: Modules 5-13*
(included in initial course fee)

*Course modules include opportunities for direct feedback and interaction with Master Trainer.

Once you have completed your online course Part 1 and Part 2, you will have the knowledge and skills to obtain certification status.

In order to qualify for the "Certified DANCEPL3Y Kids Instructor" title, you must submit a practicum assessment (via video) of yourself teaching DANCEPL3Y to a group of at least 5 children who are in Kindergarten to Grade 6.  In this video, you'll need to demonstrate that you are able to deliver a DANCEPL3Y class according to our internationally accredited program standards.

Following your successful practicum assessment, you'll be eligible to become a licensed DANCEPL3Y Kids Instructor through our School Teacher Membership program ($99USD/year), where you'll get access to on-going choreography and program planning content.

Melanie Levenberg
Melanie Levenberg
Creator of DANCEPL3Y

Melanie G Levenberg is an author, international speaker, TEDx presenter and holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.  As the Chief PLAY Officer at PL3Y Inc. she specializes in building local leaders who are passionate about physical literacy and inspiring kids to be healthier, happier humans. 

Melanie is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker and workshop leader who travels the world to help teachers infuse more positivity and playfulness in their pedagogy. She has worked with corporate, private and not-for-profit organizations to design and deliver innovative physical literacy programs, workshops, retreats and trainings.


Welcome to the DANCEPL3Y Kids Online Instructor Course
Weekly Calls + Homework
Getting Set Up for Success!
Module 1: About Your DANCEPL3Y Kids Instructor Training
Module 2: Master Class
Module 3: Choreography
Module 4: Coaching Styles
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